Neighborhood Frontiers


I live in Madina.

The house i live in is on a compound with two other. There is a wall around it and iron doors.

We have 2 guards who work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. Their 280 Cedi payroll is above average.

I go to work early morning at 6 because the traffic is really bad. It takes me about 1,5 hours to get to

Danquah circle. After 9 hours in the office I take the same road back home.

On every route I meet the same people. Those who opened their shops at 6 am or 6:30 am are still sitting in the same spot when I come home from work 13-14 hours in total.

When I go upstairs and look out of the window I see the daily life in Madina.

I sit on the sofa, relax and drink cold water. The air of the fan dries my skin and I get into a state of early evening fatigue.


Inside fan, outside wind

inside sofa, outside bench

inside running water, outside bucket water

inside toilet, outside gutter


Right in front the window, between newly build houses and others still under construction, hawkers have built their little shacks.

Washing lines connect them and create a web of cloth inside this labyrinth of poverty.

At 5 in the morning naked children stand at the gutter at the roadside and wash themselves.

I hope they are going to school.

But some of them are just preparing to go to the market and sell whatever needs to be sold to support their family.

There is a lot of poverty in Madina. There is a lot of wealth in Madina.
I haven’t really understand the Ghanaian attitude towards income disparity. To me, driving a 100.000 dollar car in a neighborhood where most of the people live of less than 2-3 dollar a day is just disgustingly ignorant.

But it seems that this ignorance and disrespect has no negative effect on the attitude of poor people towards rich.

If you are rich in Ghana, you deserved it to treat others like your doormat.

You can treat those who

clean your car,

wash your cloth,

repair your house,

take care of your garden,

look after your children when you are at work,

pick the fruits and cook the meals that you eat,

voted for you and got you into the position that enabled you to gain those riches,


like they barely deserve your attention because they are so poor.

Their only misdoing was that they are born in the wrong family or grown up in the wrong neighborhood.

Their only chance in life is to duck and obey. Do the things people want them to do, even if they are against their

morals, principles, values or against any understanding of decency.


They will do so because the consequences they fear are absolute.




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