Same Same but Different


Why would you move a whole market, if you set it up literally 10 meters down the road on the other side of the street?

The old market had its advantages. Solid concrete ground, elevated selling spots and of course it was right opposite site of ISH 2.

The new spot has a corrugated iron roof and booth numbers as well as fancy made in china energy-safer light bulbs. But really bad flooring and it is a pain to walk on it with slippers.

Several stands are gone missing such as the DVD/Film aka awkward porn seller, the old red-red lady is no longer there (also they mix the beans with the palmoil now on the plate…which is beans with palmoil to me rather than red-red…anyway), the shoemaker/repairer is gone and I feel at least two other stands that I can’t name.

4 thoughts on “Same Same but Different

  1. Hi Julian

    After reading your blog, I’ve become so nostalgic. I want a Fanyogurt and plantain chips!, and of course, I also want to visit everyone I met there!

    Thanks for blogging. It’s made my day.

    • oh yes she is. still sitting there selling her food stuff. i bought a banana chocolate muffin couple of days ago and
      she tried to sell me this two obruni girls who were sitting there. they felt quite uncomfortable judging by the look on their
      faces. i thought it was hilarious though.

  2. Hi my friend! I will be following your adventures in Accra/Ghana and wishing I was there too! Is Vivian still around?


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